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Things To Do

So much to do, I dont know where to start. We offer many local tours including eating tours, culture tours, temple tours, village tours, foraging tours and getting lost tours.

The Resort is located in a village that nestles at the base of a hilly forest. It is just beautiful. We are not a beach resort and can't offer you beaches, sand or discos (although there is a great night life). But for those of you that want a different experience this is the place.

We are located only 40 minutes by car from the"Mekong" river and the bridge to Lao. There are many eateries along the banks of the river. The Thai and Lao cultures are colourful and interesting. We can also recommend a day at the "Indo China Market" at Mukdahan.

Our own "Isaan" Jurrassic park" is only 1 hour away. Or visit "Phanom Yoi" This is a very important Temple in Thailand. Visit the local villages, there is always something to keep you smiling.

If you want a day to relax, then stay at the "resort". Why not laze round the "pool" hang out at the "Bar" or just find a shady spot and read a book from our library.



                       Phanom Yoi Temple

Cooking Lessons With Noi

Isaan cuisine is very different from Thai meals from Bangkok and the South. Infact nearly all Thai Restuarants in Western countries serve Bangkok style Thai food. We want to introduce you to real Thai food. Spicy, Sharp, Hot, Sour are just some of the tastes that will invade your senses when you sample Isaan meals. 

Noi was born in this "Phu Thai" village in Isaan. She has knowledge handed down through generations and will share the secrets with you. Following are recipes of basic Isaan cuisine. There are many more exotic "Phu Thai" dishes for you to try during your visit.


Recipe for Larb


 3 Grams of Lean Pork or Fish Chopped fine

1 Teaspoon of Chilli Powder

1 Tablespoon of Sticky rice powder

2 to 3 shoots of spring onion chopped

3 shoots mint (un-chopped)

1 to 2 tablespoons Fish sauce

1 tablespoon of fresh squeezed Lime




Cook the pork or fish in a fry pan with a little water for two minutes on medium heat

Turn off the heat to the pan and add all other ingredients and toss. Serve with sticky rice. Traditionally eaten with the fingers using the rice like a spoon.


Recipe For Somtum (Papaya salad)





Shredded Papaya (1 pint in volume)

1 x lime

3 x medium Tomato

2-3 Chillies

½ garlic

Fish Sauce to taste

1 tablespoon Palm sugar

Palmful of peanuts


(Option to Papaya can be Carrot, Celery or Apple)




Use mortar and pestle to pound chillies, garlic, palm sugar, lime juice.

Cut tomatoes fine and add with Papaya, peanuts and fish sauce. Toss gently and serve with Sticky Rice.

This is finger food and should be eaten using the sticky rice like a spoon.


Recipe for Seafood Curry in Banana Leaf




Red curry paste 2 table spoon

Coconut milk 2-3 tablespoon

Ginger 2 x peices

Sugar (to taste)

Chilli 2 (to taste)

Fish sauce

Holy basil

Lime leaf x 2

Spring onions 2 x sprigs

Tuna filet small

Prawns x 10 medium size

Squid x 1 gram

Crab (shelled small)

NZ Mussel x 10

Banana leaf   30cm x 30cm




1)      Mix to a paste, with a pestle and mortar the curry paste, Lime leaf, ginger,sugar, fish sauce, basil and 2 or 3 grams of filet tuna.

2)      Add seafood to paste and turn over gently with your hands.

3)      Lay the Banana leafs in a bowl and add the Chilli and spring onions and cover with the seafood mix.

4)       Steam for 20 minute on low heat.

5)       Serve with steamed jasmine rice


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Tours Development

"Thai House" really wants our Guests and Friends to experience a unique holiday when visiting us. It is with this in mind that we continue to develop and improve on our tours. It is fun for Noi and I to discover new venues and sites to show our Guests. We now have a better understanding of the richness that Isaan has in Dinosaur Fossils. We have added more to this fun tour and now include Wat Nimit, a truly amazing Temple located only 5 minutes from the Dinosaur Museum. Here are some pictures taken on tour. For further information please send me a message from this site or email me.

The Dinosaur Footprint. This amazing find is located at "Phu faek" national park, only 35 minutes from "Thai House" It is part of our "Walk with the Dinosaurs" tour

a model of the Dinosaur foot that made the print.

Inside the amazing wat Nimit Temple.

Our friend and Guest Hans G Normann has taken many wonderful pictures of Isaan. He has now established a Photo gallery website. Please go take a look at this very interesting site. He also took shots of Wat Nimit. Go to (Click Here)

Isaan Captured

Thank you Gerhard and Lek for your visit to "Thai House".

And thank you for the permission to display these wonderful pictures of Isaan. They say it all.Please go to the following link.

Isaan Captured 2

By popular demand we are displaying more of those wonderful Isaan pictures by "Gerhard Veer" Thankyou Gerhard for sharing these well captured pictures.

Click on the picture for more Isaan Captured

Tour Transport

Thai House-Isaan has a 7 seater Pajero cruiser. Now you can travel in comfort on tours and pick-ups from the Airport etc., Sit back and watch a movie, or relax and listen to music in airconditioned comfort.

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