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Western Menu

Hamburger and fries                           100 bht

Pork Steak and Fries                          150 bht

Sirloin Steak and Fries                        from 295 bht

Spaghetti (Various)                             120 bht

Lasagna                                                             120 bht

Shepherds Pie                                                   140 bht

Meat Pies Various                              120 bht

Tuna Sandwich                                  100 bht

Cheese on Toast                                100 bht

English Breakfast (Bacon n Eggs)       120 bht

French Fries                                       50 bht

Dishes for Children on request


Thai Meals


Stir Fry Pork/Chicken with basil          100 bht

Massuman Curry                                150 bht

Green Curry                                       150 bht

Pork Spare Rib in garlic

Special Fried Rice (Keow Pad)           100 bht

Diced Pork in Spicy Dressing (Larb)   120 bht

Sliced BBQ Beef with Spicy Sauce     150 bht




Assorted Wines                                  From 600 bht

Beer Leo                                            85 bht

Beer Singha                                        100 bht

Coca Cola Large                                 50 bht

Coca Cola Small                                 15 bht


Shorts (many to choose from)

Welcome To Our News

Thai House News

Tours Development

"Thai House" really wants our Guests and Friends to experience a unique holiday when visiting us. It is with this in mind that we continue to develop and improve on our tours. It is fun for Noi and I to discover new venues and sites to show our Guests. We now have a better understanding of the richness that Isaan has in Dinosaur Fossils. We have added more to this fun tour and now include Wat Nimit, a truly amazing Temple located only 5 minutes from the Dinosaur Museum. Here are some pictures taken on tour. For further information please send me a message from this site or email me.

The Dinosaur Footprint. This amazing find is located at "Phu faek" national park, only 35 minutes from "Thai House" It is part of our "Walk with the Dinosaurs" tour

a model of the Dinosaur foot that made the print.

Inside the amazing wat Nimit Temple.

Our friend and Guest Hans G Normann has taken many wonderful pictures of Isaan. He has now established a Photo gallery website. Please go take a look at this very interesting site. He also took shots of Wat Nimit. Go to (Click Here)

Isaan Captured

Thank you Gerhard and Lek for your visit to "Thai House".

And thank you for the permission to display these wonderful pictures of Isaan. They say it all.Please go to the following link.

Isaan Captured 2

By popular demand we are displaying more of those wonderful Isaan pictures by "Gerhard Veer" Thankyou Gerhard for sharing these well captured pictures.

Click on the picture for more Isaan Captured

Tour Transport

Thai House-Isaan has a 7 seater Pajero cruiser. Now you can travel in comfort on tours and pick-ups from the Airport etc., Sit back and watch a movie, or relax and listen to music in airconditioned comfort.

Recent Photos